Oct 15, 2010

Blog: Happenings

Oct 15, 2010

What's happening with
the Silent Knights?
And why should I care?

Well to answer the second question first: I have no idea. In fact you probably don't.

But in the interest of maintaining proper blogging etiquette, we should announce to you faithful that the Silent Knights are living up to their name and embarking on an 'indeterminate hiatus.'

In what really shouldn't have come as a surprise, we have found that starting a small business takes an awful lot of time and effort. But just what is this so-called business? Well, we are matching our passions for filming, writing, animating and education into one glorious monstrosity of a project; creating educational films for schools.

We've got a HD camera, proper audio equipment, editing and animation software and almost unlimited access to a professional studio - as well as three guys all eager to get started.

This means now to the end of the year will be taken up with business plans, meetings with the accountant and solicitor, and filming of a pilot episode. And if that all goes alright, then it's a year's hard labour filming, living off savings, and getting a website up and running. It's lucky we're passionate about it, or we sure as heck wouldn't be bothering.

Of course, all this leaves little-to-no time to do anything as indulgent as writing blogs - which is a pity as we've learned so much in doing it, over the last year and a half. Talking to others about the mistakes and lessons one has discovered, has been an invaluable method of really learning from it. And of course having lively discussions and interesting comments and questions from you guys is just another thing we will be sorry to lose.

Of course there is always the chance we'll be back again in a months time, significantly less wealthy, if the business crashes and burns - so we can always hope...

Luke & Mutt

For further information, or just a sticky-beak feel free to visit us at:
(Currently just a face page)


  1. Awww you will be missed silent knights. I pray your business goes well. If you need a voice for your animations that is male and female at the same time- let me audition! or any other thing I can help with. Much Love

  2. Thanks Jen - I know we could count on you.

  3. i only checked back once every few months- about twice as often as you updated, i'd guess- but i've always enjoyed reading back through the thought provoking archives.

    drop me an email if you need more animators. (specifically flash)

  4. Cheers man, writing an email as soon as a I have a free moment.

  5. Good luck with your project guys, I hope you kick ass and take names.

  6. Thanks man! We are taking and kicking and all manner of verbs.


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