Sep 10, 2010

Blog: Ugandan Animation

Sep 10, 2010
There is no post this week, due to the sheer amount of stuff happening at the moment.

For a start we're in the middle of possibly starting up a Media company. And it looks like we've already got our first project.

It's a short educational animation for a missionary run curriculum in Uganda, who teach family planning and sanitation as well as other life skills.

Did you know that an average Ugandan family has seven kids? And it's a lot higher in poor regions. This is called the poverty trap, and once you have more than four or five kids there is literally no way out of it. Orphanages and other care and aid agencies do help families here and there, but in that time many more may slip into poverty. That's what this group is trying to fix - educate people, and help them avoid the trap altogether. This animation will hopefully help visualise some of that.

These are just some style experiments. I've been studying African art, which is really interesting - and almost exclusively depicting women for some reason. It's full of huge ear rings, head wraps and really tall, elongated people.

We have a much more ambitious project coming up, but hopefully we can keep this blog going through it all...

Oh, and what do you guys think of the name 'Inkspire Media'. Any good?

"Email me if you're interested in supporting this foundation."


  1. these are cute. I really like the 2nd couple also 5 and 7.
    Inkspire Media!! It's good looking. i like the word ink and spire because it rhymes with fire and mire. speaking of African art i saw this book a few months ago of African voodoo, it was a picture book of people with these incredible and scary masks made out of animals, particularly bull heads. it would make for some good drawing material, not for this project though.

  2. Yeah, African art is really inspirational. So different from our own.

    Thanks again Jen.


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