Aug 27, 2010

Bad Practices: The Chattering Monkey

Aug 27, 2010
One of my greatest flaws is my big fat mouth.

I could go on forever about film and philosophy and even longer about any of Mutt and my ideas. Seriously, no one I know ever asks me about them anymore because they know just a hint of curiosity starts me maundering in a disjointed, euphoric manner reminiscent of a small boy recalling how "the most awesome thing just happened".

In essence this passion is a favourable attribute, but not so much when it fails to translate into action.

It is only in the last year I came to understand. Action trumps talk. Period. You could be the most ostentatious wordsmith alive, but the guy who manages to manifest his talent into a finished product will always win in the end.

It was a recent meeting with a very industry-savvy friend that really cemented the fact. We were so hung up on aesthetics and production values that we were holding back all our best cards until 'the time was right'. Now it is clear that such a time only ever arrives if you are moving forward, actively, towards it. In this case moving forward means manning up and making something.

It's about overcoming the fear that it will not live up to what I have in my head, and replacing it with the fear that is will not live at all. How's that for motivation?

Personal flaws: they're a laugh and a half, eh?


  1. Well said Luke. I think many of us can relate to this. Sounds exciting btw!

  2. For the record, I know I don't have to ask because you readily offer, without prompting. Not that I mind or anything... just saying. :)

    I would say that there is such a thing as moving too quickly as well, but I can definitely relate to your point. A lot of things I'm doing at the moment are probably a little bit from the panic of not moving forward, but I know if I'd done them in the past when I 'should' have they would have been disastrous.

    In short... go with how you feel :)


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