Jul 2, 2010

Link: 'Is Spoof Dead?' by Craig Mazin

Jul 2, 2010
Just a short post this week - an old article by Craig Mazin, a very talented and insightful role model of mine.

The Friedberg & Seltzer 'phenomenon' has of course well and truly died down. And thank goodness. With each film they released, it felt as if society was decaying before our eyes.

But with the grave of F & S's career, so too lies the grave of the Spoof genre. With distance, I felt it was about time to stop celebrating at the funeral of the former, and participate in the autopsy of the latter. Of course, in an autopsy analogy Luke and I are but 'medical interns', and it was invaluable to have the experienced hands of a professional Pathologist. As a writer for Superhero Movie, this guy was there - fighting in the trenches while all this went down. He knows.

We too, now hope for the eventual return of the humble Spoof.

(EDIT: Friedberg & Seltzer's reign of terror has died... or has it?!)


  1. oh yeah the worst of the worst movies ever! I can't believe people paid to watch their films.
    I saw a pretty funny blaxploitation spoof 'Black dynamite'. It's a new realase on dvd here in Australia, it has a made for tv feel about it but there are some serous laughs to be had. the film didn't do to well in America gross revenue was only apprx $250,000. It is delicously 70's.

  2. Spoof is best left for stage theatre, where the jokes actually have to be clever.

  3. It is very wonderfull center


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