Feb 5, 2010

Link: The Phantom Menace Review

Feb 5, 2010
You know how sometimes you'll watch a film and something doesn't quite feel right? Well, here's one of those nerdy guys on the internet that has the uncanny ability to tell you exactly why.

I love those guys.

So today's link is a video review of The Phantom Menace by a demented individual named Mike. It's extremely insightful, clever and often quite humorous. It's also seven parts long. It's also totally worth it.

Just be warned, the guy has a pretty abstract sense of humour and there is some swearing.

Of course, he exaggerates how bad it is for comical effect, but he does raise many excellent points. Still, I think Mutt and I will continue to enjoy The Phantom Menace because... well, it's still Star Wars.

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