Sep 4, 2009

Link: Elizabeth Gilbert On Nurturing Creativity

Sep 4, 2009
I absolutely adore this talk.

Part of being a writer, I've found, is trying to understand how the human mind works both for use in storytelling and in knowing how we work best. I still don't know why I write better when I'm surrounded by people quietly enjoying themselves and not distracting me. Heck, it's a pretty significant paradox, but that's just how my brain works.

In this talk, Elizabeth explores the perception of creativity through the ages and perhaps why so many modern writers struggle in their work.

When I watched this for the first time it blew my mind. Is this accurate? Does this approach to creativity have further implications to the needs of human beings? How does it reflect on the writer's responsibility? Is it all just a bunch of airy fairy crap?

What do you think?


  1. 20 minutes................
    lol, nah i will watch it when i have 20 minutes.
    U guys got to come to my "group"show in a month, its about storytelling and autobiographical memory

  2. What's this now? More details, Jen!

  3. i'll let you know soon, cuz i cant remember the dates.

    But a question. It's my husband's 30th and he's nerdy like you guys and i was wondering if you had any suggestions for a mad present for a computer, gamer nerd,.......

  4. Oh, wow. I dunno. I was never good with gifts.

    Mutt? Any ideas?

  5. Not much of a gift giver or receiver - but I found this website the other day... and I want everything on it.

  6. Not only did I not post a link to the website, but it doesn't ship to Australia.

    I am SO HELPFUL.

  7. lol theres a robotic arm kit!
    youve been heaps helpful in other ways

    how do i put links and italics in comments and stuff, i tried doing it in word than pasting it here, but it doesnt work ( im asking to many questions aernt i?)

  8. Nope.


    Remove spaces. Replace with the letter 'b' to make Bold.

    For a link:

    < a href="WEBSITE" >YOUR TEXT HERE< / a >

    Remove spaces.

    I keep these in a text file on my computer, with a whole bunch of other reference material. Then I just copy it across any time I need it. I hope that at least was helpful. Haha


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