Aug 7, 2009

Blog: Intermission

Aug 7, 2009
Normal posting shall resume on Tuesday next.

All 95 of the sketches for the book are done, and we have finally entered Phase 2.

Admittedly I am kind of making this up as I go along, but while Phase 1 was Surveying and Sketching, Phase 2 consists of Continuity and Context.

It's a pretty important phase. For example, I found 11 separate pictures in which I forgot to draw the main character with pants. 11.

It basically means putting all the pictures in a row and making sure they all line up with proportions and detail, as well as putting them in the book and seeing how they do in context - which is a long and tedious job. It is also a job I fully intend to get out of the way by the end of the week.

Phase 3, for the curious and the alliteratively inclined, is Improving and Inking.


  1. haha, i thought ur characters never wore pants

  2. Originally that was true, but we decided that it was funniest if Hedge were the only one who wore pants. That way, it draws attention to everyone else's lack thereof. :P

  3. Our main character is the kind of person who would notice that he isn't wearing pants - even in a world where no one does.

  4. Some more phases to consider:

    phase 4 Printing and Publishing
    phase 5 Selling and Spruiking
    phase 6 Fame and Fortune
    phase 7 Film and Follow-up
    phase 8 Sequel and Slumping-sales
    phase 9 Crisis and Current-Affairs-Expose
    phase10 Rehab and Retirement-village-Readings
    phase11 Remember-when-shows and Rove
    phase12 Reunion-tour Project and Ruin!
    phase13 Historical Mini-series and Musical-bio

  5. Man, I can't wait until phase ten!

  6. you forgot action figures and stuffed toys amongst the phases


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