Jul 17, 2009

Link: Tony Martin Talks To Robert McKee

Jul 17, 2009
Do you enjoy extended dialogues about obscure films and the storytelling finesse employed to kindle the viewer's enthrallment? No? Then what are you doing here?!

To those... one of you remaining, here's a gem of an interview between two greats that the vast majority of people won't even know. Still, it contains a wealth of information and wisdom and is well worth checking out.

One catch. It requires you to download the entire episode of Sunday Arts in which it features. Totally worth it! You'll find it at the 41:17 mark.

One of the things touched upon in the interview is how a good comedy knows when to put the plot on hold and go on a tangent. The old Marx Brothers pictures only took 10 minutes to tell the inciting incident, the first act turning point, the second act turning point and the climax. The other 75 minutes were given over to sheer madness.

Another excellent subject brought up in the interview is the common misconceptions of the likable hero, but perhaps that's best saved for another time.

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