Jun 26, 2009

Inspiring Idea: Items & Imagination

Jun 26, 2009
Can you tell I'm a fan of alliteration?

If you're a writer like us and find yourself lacking in inspiration like we all-too-often do, then here's a neat little challenge Mutt and I came up with when at a swanky café the other day.

There was a section of the café that had all sorts of neat little things you could buy to decorate your house. This challenge was made better by the fact that they were very eccentric items. We started taking it in turns picking up items and then coming up with stories based around and inspired by them.

It turns out this is a blast to do, forcing you to stretch your creativity and it's hella fun trying to out-do your opponent. So if you're ever feeling a need for inspiration then grab a creative friend and drag them to a local antiques shop or trinket store. And should one of the items really inspire you, buy it! We did. Behold!

You guys have no idea how many awesome ideas we got from holding this giant key in our hands. The hand in the photo is for size reference.


  1. that key looks enchanted.
    that's a very interesting exercise.. reminds me of the exercises in James Moffett's - active voice book.

  2. I'm not familiar with that one. What's it about?

  3. it's about creative writing and it has these exercises you can do, here a some for example.

    Warm ups:
    - story starters: unfinished sentence from a friend or pinpricked from a novel.

    -sensory memory: Write headings: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. list any you can recall from your childhood. choose the most vivid and put them together to make a description.

    -Memorable object: choose an object that reminds you powerfully of a certain experience or person; describe the object and the associations

  4. Awesome! Might have to pick up a copy of that book...


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