Jun 12, 2009

Blog: For The Children

Jun 12, 2009
As of... well... five weeks ago, I embarked upon a noble quest bestowed upon me by what I sure as hell hope was a king to perform a book reading for a class of 6th Graders from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School. But it wasn't just any book! It was an unpublished children's book written by two guys who've commonly been referred to as "traumatizing".

I mean us. We wrote the book.

Yeah. Feel the envy.

Anyway, much to our surprise the girls absolutely adored the book. An encouraging response to say the least considering we didn't know if it would appeal to girls. The crazy voices may have helped a little. So far, in fact, we've gotten nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback on the book. I got through the first five chapters and after each one they were dying for more.

Not that I poisoned their drinking water or anything... look! See? They were fine!

Just look at 'em! They were so ecstatic that their faces pixelated! What? Kids' faces do that, right? If not, someone might wanna get some doctors down there... might be contagious.

All in all it was a blast and I.G.G.S. has asked me back for more readings, so I'm off to brainstorm more horrible things that I can do to them. Gotta be memorable!


  1. What a fantastic opportunity Luke! It must have been a blast to witness their responses.

  2. Oh yeah, I was walking around in a state of euphoria for the rest of the day. You spend so long writing something locked away in your house that you forget that someone might actually enjoying reading it.

  3. I love the pixilation! Hilarious!
    And yay! Your book is awesome and I'm glad they all loved it so much!
    Pixilation = loving a book.

  4. holy crap!!
    .......(it's just so exciting)
    man im so happy for you guys,
    geez..... im happy and jealous, but mostly excited

  5. u look like you have been placed in that photo with photoshop

  6. Darnit! She's onto us, Mutt! She knows that we never actually leave our respective houses and merely Photoshop ourselves into other people's lives!

    Darn you and your lousy Photoshop skills!

  7. lol,
    but seriously congratualtions, cant wait to read it.
    how long did it take you to write?

  8. See? No one could possible refute the authenticity of that Photoshopped photo.

    Now, to your question...

    Looking at my other blog for reference... we started writing it on May 1st, 2008.

    Wow, it was more than a year ago since we started?! Crikey. Well, the first draft was finished about Christmas time last year, and since then Mutt and I have been polishing the heck out of it.

    These things take a lot more time than you'd think, although it was our first book. Amazing to think people write books several times longer than that on a regular basis in the same time frame.

    Man, scripts are much more my forte.

  9. BAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha
    thats too funny
    yeh i'd beleve that it would take ages to write a book, especilly if your a perfectionist, which you probably are.

  10. oh mutt, you give me the giggles, did u just photoshop that then?

  11. OH man! That is so awesome!!! I was there for his inauguration speech! I remember that so clearly. I will verify the legitimacy of that photo. As long as I get my payment.

  12. A $20?! I take it back. That's not enough for me to support you. ARE YOU CALLING ME CHEAP?!

  13. ...

    There is no way I can win this.


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