Apr 23, 2009

Blog: Woah, Sweet Banner

Apr 23, 2009
Yes, yes it is. You have the lovable yet confrontingly hairy Mutt to thank for that one.

Welcome to Luke & Mutt's official joint blog minus actual joints. It's been a long time coming, but finally we've joined forces to keep those who wish to know what we're up to in the metaphorical loop. Here you'll find stuff about our projects, random tidbits about our experiences relating to our careers and general thoughts on what we both find interesting.

So stay tuned, despite the fact that the internet does not require tuning nor possesses the ability to do so in the first place. Do that thing browser users do instead. What is it again? Ah, yes. Bookmark this baby, cause the boys are back in town.

That didn't make any sense. We are off to a good start.


  1. You know? I am kind of lovable, now that you mention it.

  2. Sooo... no objections to being confrontingly hairy? How curious.

    Curious like a BEAR!!


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