Apr 26, 2009

Project: Inanimated Now Available On YouTube

Apr 26, 2009
Inanimated was my submission for the end-of-uni Exhibition for my Bachelor of Art course. It was completely voiced by Luke, and took about a month to animate. It has been on Newgrounds for a couple of months now, to what I can only egotistically describe as rave reviews. Finally posted it on YouTube.

The description in the Exhibition's Brochure was as follows:

"Over the years, a large percentage of my work has somehow involved cardboard. I marvel at its many uses, appreciate its expendability, and admire its subtle contours and graceful corrugations. I like to think of cardboard, here in the 21st Century, as cavemen would think of a freshly peeled length of bark or a cave wall; blank canvasses that lie discarded and neglected in the margins of our society - ready at a moment's notice to become immortal art.

At work, I am forced daily to thrust my Stanley deep into the neck of these magnificent beasts, and sever the lid - splitting open its packaging tape, as its insides spill across the floor. After all this time, coming home with my pockets full of paper fibers and my hands stained with sticky scraps of tape that never wash off, I have finally taken a stand and joined the anti-recycling league.

By bringing a cardboard box to life with animation I aim to create a character out of these inanimate objects. I make my art to deaden the guilt, and exorcise the visions of anthropomorphized boxes that cry out to me in my sleep."


  1. That guy who does the voices on the video is rubbish! At least the animation is decent.

  2. If you do self-deprecating humour and I do self-praising humour, this isn't going to work.

    Well... it isn't going to work in one of our favours.

  3. It's so brilliant Mutt! I Just love it! Clever and hilarious!


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